Chocolate Fountains of Somerset


If you need something "extra special" you have come to the right place.

A chocolate fountain is the must have item for your special occasion, wedding, party, or corporate event. The sight of a chocolate fountain adds a real “wow” to your event, and the aroma is irresistible; even to die hard dieters.

Delicious warm Belgian chocolate cascades down the fountain tiers and a variety of fruit and other goodies can be dipped into the chocolate including fresh strawberries, pineapple, marshmallows and a host of other varied dips.
Most people still haven't seen a chocolate fountain, certainly not one as big as the one we use. Imagine the look of wonderment on your guests' faces when they see (and smell) the fountain - they will be amazed.

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Chocolate fountain prices.

The chocolate fountain we use is a spectacular 44" high (the largest available) and with fresh Belgian chocolate flowing down it, it is simply irresistible!

For all those chocolate lovers out there, come and take a dip!

Have a look at our new chocolate cart - a great new idea.

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